Draw Color Image of House from Black and White Image

Draw Color Image of House from Black and White Image


Job Description

We sell house plans on our website.

We have picture of the houses in black and white. You can see a similar image at http://www.houseplans.net/floorplans/06400080/ (this is not our website). We would want you to create a color version of the image. Here's an example of a color drawing. http://www.houseplans.net/floorplans/11000011/ (different house than black and white example). In summary, you will look at a black and white image and draw the same image with color. You will also put some grass and trees around the house to make it look real.

You can start a new image, or color in the existing image - new is probably best. You can also provide as digital file (photoshop or illustrator?) or as high-resolution scanned image of drawing you completed. Files you will be provided with are jpg and gif - maybe you can modify them in computer software and then color them to save you time?

*You would only create one drawing per house plan - though some examples above have multiple images for a single house plan.

We have over 500 plans on our website. We are interested in transitioning all to color soon. Please provide volume discount.

In your bid, tell us the following:

- Tell us cost per batch of 10 drawings completed.
- Show us example drawings you've done, either of buildings or homes or something similar if possible
- Tell us # of days to finish each batch of 10 drawings.

We look forward to your response

Skills: drawing

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