Drawings for the renewal of an Online English School

Drawings for the renewal of an Online English School


Job Description

Web Designing Experience (I want to see your portfolios).
Good at Adobe Illustrator.
Designers who can work with interest about the service of LingualBox. (I wrote about the company below). I think this is inevitable because if you don't try knowing the web service so much, you cannot design good illustration compatible with the web service.

Hello, I'm now working on renewal the website of LingualBox an online English school.
Check the attachment file. That is the image of the web site top page so far.

What I want to ask you to do is drawings for this web site.

At first, I want you to draw the illustration for the "Hero Part". ( Hero Part is just under the nav bar.)

Images of the "Hero part" drawings are below.


After I decide the designer, I will give you the id and password of the staging site.
So, you can check the site and code yourself.

You can also ask me anything about the website.

Below is the overview about the company.

About LingualBox:

LingualBox is an Online English School. Students pay 60US$ or 110US$ a month and they can take 25-minute or 50-minute of lesson everyday.

The prices is very affordable since we hire only filipino teachers not Native speakers because English is one of the national languages in Philippines.

The primary focus of us is the quality of the lessons and Materials. We also concern about keeping students' and teachers' motivation very high.

Skills: design, english

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