Drupal Expert Needed to Close a Project

Drupal Expert Needed to Close a Project


Job Description

Blue Planet Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting alternative energy sources and energy efficiency. This app is designed allow a Hawaii utility customer to sign up and download their utility bill for analysis. Users can compare their usage with other individuals or groups. Users can challenge each other to competitions to see who lowers their bill the most by a certain time.

We are in need of a Drupal expert to take this unfinished project and implement the final functions including:
* Audit database & Drupal security
* Administrative editing of competitions and user data
* Add user-editable profile data fields for family size, home size, and other info
* Additional user data aggregation categories: zip code, family size, home size
* Verify data connection to retreive user data from the utility partner
* Verify data connection security
* Implement group-based challenges (individual challenges currently function)
* Add user-editable parameters when creating a challenge
* Layout adjustments for improved usability
* System email formatting (currently simple plaintext)
* Change energy use graphs from bar to line
* Add aggregated average energy usage to the line graph for comparison
* Add visual indicator if user is doing well or poor against the average
* Create a database for Smart Energy Choices - users can add tips and ideas, share with others
* Various bug fixing

The current app is available at: http://energytracker.sustainhawaii.org/

* Update SVN code repository with thorough code and checkin comments
* Final Energy Tracker app, stable and secure

Please provide your cost estimate to finish this project.

We will only respond to proposals that reiterate an understanding of the project requirements. You must also provide a link to a picture of a rhino as a guarantee that you are a human and not an automated proposal bot.

Thank you.

Skills: debugging