Drupal Ubercart Marketplace Web Site Set Up & Development

Drupal Ubercart Marketplace Web Site Set Up & Development


Job Description

Utilizing Drupal 7.x develop a simple website that...

Note: Budget is unknown (not $5.00 posted in ad)

(think similar to yellow pages, Elance, or craigslist)

1. Buyer... Allows individuals or businesses (e.g. homeowner who needs gardening done) to post their jobs for professionals (e.g. gardeners/landscapers) to apply for.

2. Seller... Allows professionals to post their skill sets (e.g. plumbers) for individuals or business (e.g. plumber who needs work) to apply for.

This web site will earn a fee for each matching introducton (e.g. $1.00 for an introduction). Fee will be collected via a credit card gateway, such as PayPal or others.

Either buyer or seller can post one or many "jobs" under their account in a one or more cities or regions. The job posting will expire after a period of time (e.g. 30 days). Buyer or sellers can search for jobs by clicking State, city (e.g. Dallas, TX) or region within the the USA (Southern USA) or State (e.g. Dallas Metro). I will provide more details for the fields I'd like included. Front page will be similar to craigslist (links/dropdown menus for state, city, regions, etc). Database is Apache.

Bottom line: What I want is for someone to set this up in Drupal, utilizing various stable modules; include the the marketplace module. Once set up, I will manage the web site and build component from to augment the initial web site. Thus, there is potential for future work if developer dose a good job. I will setup the initial Drupal site and give the developer an administrative account to build the site. I'd prefer a per project quote, not a per hour quote.

Skills: apache