Dynamic Data Visualisation

Dynamic Data Visualisation


Job Description

We have a website that has been completely written, but have decided to revamp the frontend to provide a more enhanced Data Visualisation.
We require a resource (or company) to do the following:

-Assist in formulating the look & feel / user experience (graphics)
-The Visualisation must then be codified (developed)
-must be visualised in a 3D manner
-Data Maps will be passed to the frontend to render the visualisation
-The front end will also have menus and information & data entry windows
-Navigation of the visualisation will need to be within a 3D space (react to mouse movements / zoom/in-out)

The potential candidate will be required to:
-execute in an agile way (weekly scrums)
-deliver code in an open source web technology (try not to be propriety)
-we are flexible with choice of frontend technology, but ideally will have cross platform support
-must be able integrate with backend using rest APIs
-sign an NDA


Can you please provide a portfolio of your recent work that is similar to the above , and a standard Agile project structure that can be used to deliver this sort of activity.

We are fairly flexible in terms of commercial arrangements (i.e. fixed costs, or hourly rates). We will, however release funds based on weekly agile deliveries.

Skills: graphics, agile