EASY Wordpress theme, BuddyPress 6$/hr

EASY Wordpress theme, BuddyPress 6$/hr


Job Description

I installed Buddypress plugin + template pack to adapt Buddypress to the Theme I bought. I have to update it. I have to play in my FTP File Manager to change index.

I have to change the index.php in File Manager, I need to adapt Buddypress size with div to my index.php so it matches.

I Need Someone That Will Not Break The Code

Here are the instructions Wordpress gives me.

Tweaking your layout for BuddyPress.

You installed buddypress template pack. You should see a BuddyPress admin bar at the top of the page of your Wordpress admin. Try visiting some of the links in the "My Account" menu. If everything has gone right up to this point, you should be able to see your BuddyPress content. *BUT NO*

The pages are not quite aligned correctly *THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO ME*, or the content is overlapping the sidebar, you may need to ** tweak the template HTML. Please follow the "fixing alignment" instructions below. If the content in your pages is aligned to your satisfaction, then you can skip to the "Finishing Up" section at the bottom of this page.
Fixing Alignment

By default BuddyPress templates use this HTML structure:


<div id="container">
   <div id="content">

   <div id="sidebar">


If BuddyPress pages are not aligned correctly, then you may need to modify some of the templates to match your theme's HTML structure. The best way to do this is to access your theme's files, via FTP

Open up the page.php file (if this does not exist, use index.php). Make note of the HTML template structure of the file, specifically the <div> tags that surround the content and sidebar.

You will need to change the HTML structure in the BuddyPress templates that you copied into your theme to match the structure in your page.php or index.php file.

There are two methods for making the necessary template changes.

   The first method is to locate the following templates (leave out any folders that you didn't copy over in Step Two):
       /members/index.php  this is where it's located

   Alternatively, you may find it easier to make copies of your theme's header.php, sidebar.php and footer.php and rename them to header-buddypress.php, sidebar-buddypress.php, and footer-buddypress.php.

   Then you can alter the structure of these new template files (header-buddypress.php, sidebar-buddypress.php, and footer-buddypress.php) to resemble your theme's page.php (or index.php).

Once you are done matching up the HTML structure of your theme in these template files, please take another look through your site. You should find that BuddyPress pages now fit inside the content structure of your theme.