ERP for integrated management system for public health and education

ERP for integrated management system for public health and education


Job Description

There is 14 hospitals here in the city, I want integrate all of them into a only unique system, but for that I need win the bidding, my idea is someone have developed in the past it, make the presentation and if it win will Split Money with me.

10 = THE PROCESSING OF BIDDING This socket Prices will be processed and judged by the Standing Committee of Bids, in compliance with the following:
10.1 - Receipt Envelope No. 01 - DOCUMENTATION - and No. 02 - PROPOSAL - stakeholders, under the conditions set forth herein.
10.2 - Opening of Envelope No. 01 - DOCUMENTATION, the date and time designated, then when will be the examination of its contents by the Jury, in public session, which may be accompanied by any interested parties.
10.3 - Disclosure by the Jury, the very act of opening of such envelopes, or on another date to be determined, if necessary to do so, the bidders qualified and unqualified, and opening deadlines for appeals.
10.4 - Return Envelope No. 02 - PROPOSAL, closed to unqualified bidders, provided there forfeits all bidders the right to appeal or post-trial appeals.
10.5 - aperture, the Bid Committee, in a public, Envelope No. 02 - PROPOSED of bidders qualified, in public session, where all participants, through their duly authorized representatives, may examine and initial tenders contained in envelopes " PROPOSAL "the other bidders.
10.6 - Analysis of proposals by the Jury, according to the judging criteria described herein, and in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 8.666/93 and its subsequent amendments, with the subsequent classification or declassification of the proposals offered.
10.7 - Before the award and approval of the event, the technical staff designated by the City Health Department and the Department of Informatics of the City will assess whether
                     MUNICIPALITY OF GUARATINGUETÁ Section Bidding
the holder of the lowest price bidder meets all the features of System Health Management, according to the technical specifications given in the Terms of Reference and Proposal. 10.7.1 - This assessment will run a brief presentation to be performed in the Town Hall and on the same day of the opening of the envelopes, as soon as it was finished examining the proposals. 10.7.2 - For this demonstration, it will be available only to the Administration a workstation (a PC) connected to broadband Internet. 10.7.3 - The bidder should own bring and install its technological equipment necessary for the presentation of the system functionality. 10.7.4 - For the presentation, the Access to Health Management System should be external, ie directly in the field of the bidder and should occur through DATA CENTER administered by the bidder, under penalty of disqualification. 10.7.5 - A presentation of the functionality must be performed only by the browser - internet browser - not being accepted through executables, Terminal Services (terminal services) and / or through terminal emulators, virtual machines (virtual machine). 10.7.6 - The presentation should be within 01 (one) hour, possibly to be extended at the discretion of the Jury, being the sole responsibility of the presenter accredited organization to ensure that all features are proven. 10.7.7 - should be demonstrated complete routines for each module with all items ordered, under penalty of disqualification. 10.7.8 - If the system presented by the company ranked first does not meet all of the features requested, the tender will be disqualified and automatically call the second ranked firm for submission of your system, and so on. 10.8 - After the final decision of the Jury will award the object of this outlet prices the company ranked first and subsequently forwarded to the approval of Mr. Mayor Guaratinguetá.

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