EXPERT Web Developer/ Project Manager Needed

EXPERT Web Developer/ Project Manager Needed


Job Description

Web Development, Content Management
This job posting is for Experts only with verifiable and proven work experience, ODesk rating of 4.5 or higher, a minimum of 100 hours logged on ODesk, excellent communication skills and a strong command of the English language (US version)

We are developing an on line comprehensive coaching system for a specific niche within the health and wellness industry. While the product is being developed we will be creating a massive buzz and getting qualified leads to opt onto our email list.

The job will initially entail verifying the integrity of our existing infrastructure, making suggestions and streamlining all processes. You will post and manage all new content while we continue to build the list and create the new system in the background. You will work with our other experts in SEO, social media marketing, advertising, internet marketing, etc.

Our vision is that in the near future the system will host 10,000 + members who use the program on a regular if not daily basis, create detailed on line profiles and pay monthly dues. The platform for the system must allow communication to occur up, down and sideways. The program will have content providers located around the globe who have their own blogs, host webinars, manage forums and their own clients, the system will have to securely hold payment details for the members, collect data from applications, etc.

Please submit a proposal for initial services, creation of said system and on going maintenance.
Please apply ONLY if you do this kind of thing on a regular basis, are ethical, use white glove tactics only, and have verifiable references.

Please begin the proposal as “Proposal for Health Coaching System”

Thank you

We are currently using the following:

iContact, Wordpress, Hootsuite, Youtube, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, proprofs quiz maker, leJure and niche traffic builder

Skills: english, youtube, facebook, twitter, linkedin, communication-skills, software-development, web-services