Ebook for Beginner/Novice Cooks

Ebook for Beginner/Novice Cooks


Job Description

I'm in need of a ghostwriter to write a "how to" cookbook (with recipes) geared towards beginner/novice cooks and, at the same time, be of interest to more the experienced cook.

Here is my book idea: (30 - 35 pages)

"25 "must have" recipes in your cooking repertoire"

These recipes would be the basis of learning how to cook.

ie: how to make mayonnaise, how to roast a chicken, how to make gravy, how to make a vinaigrette, perfect mashed potatoes, how to cook rice, cheese sauce, etc...whatever novice cooks might need to know! I will leave some of the recipe ideas up to you.

I will need an introduction that explains why the 25 recipes are a must for those who are learning. Explain how these recipes will give them a great base for future cooking and how some of these recipes can be used in many ways. .. ie: tomato sauce can have multiple uses. Explain... if they know these techniques, they will be less intimidated when venturing out to more difficult cooking methods.
I would like a short article to be written for each recipe...tips, tricks, interesting and helpful information.

Use great images that are legal for internet use.

I will need a document format & pdf format.
Table of contents, copyright page, Introduction and resource page.


I want all rights to this book and will not be required to pay you beyond the completion of this book.

If you are interested,
Do you have any examples of books you have written that I can view?

What time frame would we be looking at to complete the project.

Can you give me an estimated cost for a book of this size.

If you have any ideas...I am really interested in hearing them. :)
Please contact me with any questions.

I want the book to have unique design and professional formatting.

Many thanks

Skills: ebooks, layout-design