Engineering design for water bottle sketch

Engineering design for water bottle sketch


Job Description

Dear All,

I have created a type of water bottle which is currently a 2 dimensional sketch. I am looking to take it to the next level which is to have an engineering design. This design should specify dimensions of each piece, how it fits together and what materials (plastic, silicon, etc.) it should be made of.

Once we have this, then I would like to get a 3D CAD model of it produced so to see what it will really be like. After that, I would need a prototype to be made in order to evaluate it's functionality. At this point, I would then decide if it's ready for a mold and production or needs to be tweaked further in order to improve functionality.

Ultimately I would need to have a mold created and then produced for sale.

Here are the steps as I see them:

Industrial Design Final Sketches
3D Surface file of selected sketch
2D Part Drawings
2D Assembly Drawing

If you are thinking to respond to this job offer, please send your portfolio including a few products you have brought through this process.

Thanks so much.

Skills: engineering, design, drawing

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