Estate Planning - Regular Consulting for Advisor

Estate Planning - Regular Consulting for Advisor


Job Description

I am seeking an attorney to work with on an ongoing basis to answer estate planing questions for me and my clients and to work with my clients (in conjunction with my planning) on creating estate plans for them. Our company is a small independent investment advisory firm that has recently started to get attention both domestically and internationally. We were quoted in Monday's Investors Business Daily and the featured interview in China Business News' Gold Master Magazine July, 2012 edition (the featured exclusive interview was Warren Buffet and the month after was Jamie Diamond in that publication). We only began to put together our first website, however feel free to visit it to learn more about us:

We have a track record we are beginning to advertise that we believe is among the best in the industry - therefore we see substantial opportunity for growth and need to have professionals available to handle new (and existing) client planning.

Skills: legal-services