Excel Access Expert Needed ASAP

Excel Access Expert Needed ASAP


Job Description

I have a query that I have created for an Access database that we have on our server. We are currently exporting this query to Excel and I have a number of people working on the Excel File by using the "share" function. What I need to do is have the Excel file updated every 5 minutes with new data from the query. I don't want the users to have to get out of the excel file but simply have any new data change in the Excel workbook. If it's possible to have an instant update, that would be even better. I am in a bind and I need to have someone help me with this ASAP. Please contact me on Skype at: learnrighttoys if you are confident you will be able to help me come up with a solution to get this to work.

I take care of all of the queries I just need the sync to be setup. I am thinking that an ODBC connection might be a good option.

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