Expert Linux, cPanel, WHM technician

Expert Linux, cPanel, WHM technician


Job Description

Startup Company looking for Expert Linux, cPanel, WHM technician to help script and configure database and site install process into multiple server accounts. Developers are coding a cake app to talk directly with Wordpress installations and WHMCS for billing and support.

Below are the requirements fro this position:

Auto building cpanel accounts upon registration of new WHMCS account, after account is created, run a script to install wordpress and config WP settings.--When a new user registers (According to our original docs) in WHMCS a cpanel account for that user is created synchronously. When WHMCS receives the confirmation that a new cpanel account that has been created, it then creates a new wordpress install in the public root of that new account. Once wordpress is installed, it notifies WHMCS so we can store the url and server path to that account (This last step is needed for the Wordpress API connection) and auto generate an email to the new user with a link to their setup wizard and a welcome email notifying them that their account is setup.

Knowledge of DNS, Domain Parking, and subdomain creation on the fly--The person should know how to create subdomains during the setup of the cpanel account creation. We also need this for the Wordpress API and welcome email to the user.

Integrate auto Domain renewals and purchases in WHMCS.--WHMCS can accept API tokens for a number of domain renewal resellers (go daddy included). We want WHMCS to auto renew accounts that choose this option so we don't have to renew domain names for clients by hand.

Create Linux Folder Aliases on the fly.--In order to use 1 location for wordpress plugins, we need to create folder aliases to the base plugin path in our server root. Then we need to link the folder alias paths to the individual wordpress plugins folders as a part of the wordpress install script.

In summary, all candidates should be able to execute:

WHMCS install and configuration
Cpanel installation
Linux database creation
Run cPanel script to install wordpress upon account creation
DNS scripting for setting nameservers and parking domains within WHMCS

Please respond "only" if you feel 100% confident in the above requirements. We not sticklers, we just need serious candidates that are capable and ready.

Skills: linux, billing