Expierienced Zywall Zyxell admin

Expierienced Zywall Zyxell admin


Job Description

Hi, I need someone who is familiar with Zyxel Zywall USG50.

I want to setup a seperate wifi network for wifi clients.
so, ths usg50 should be configured as a DHCP server for the wifi clients.
Also our internal wifi should stay as it is.

Firewall rule to block traffic from clients -> our network

then I need something (a script) to change the password for the wifi clients every 1 week. from a txt file where I put in 20 passwords. I want to somehow upload the txt file when I feel it is time for a new one.
But I need to be shure I give the clients the correct password that week.

Can someone help me with this?

The Wifi AP I have is TP-link wa801-N (which can have multiple SSID) and understands VLAN tagging.

Switch I have is a Netgear Gs724T Smart managed witch with VLAN tagging

Skills: wireless