Facebook Game Developer

Facebook Game Developer


Job Description

Startup based in France is looking to set up long term collaboration with developers experienced with Facebook Game Development. We will be interested in professionals with HTML5 facebook game development experience, OOP expertise, and preferably used to work with Zend Framework.

Please elaborate on your Facebook game experience in your application, and provide links towards your apps.

Aside from the Facebook game work, and depending on your profile, we also have web development tasks.

For a versatile and well performing person, the work can be full time, and last for several months.

Technologies we use:
Facebook API
Zend Framework
PHP 5.3, CSS (with lesscss.org), jquery (and plugins)
Openlayers API
Googlemap API

Our development works are of the following nature:

- a facebook game
- a website
- mobile versions of the above (iOS and Android)

The first tasks we would like to discuss will be:

- Facebook social functions & opengraph implementation
- Facebook game speed optimization
- Facebook game HTML5 additional functionalities

What we will provide:

Access to a development environment (using github)
Specs organized in tasks in our task tool (teamworkpm)
Technical project coordination

Who we are looking for / selection:

Companies, or individuals with a proven track record, and experience in the technologies we mention, and proven experience with FB game development.
Based on proven competencies linked to the technologies used, and evaluated cost (hourly), we will make a shortlist of providers

A project manager will answer all questions. We will first test the relationship with a number of clearly delimited tasks before we move on to more ambitious/larger scale ones.

Who we are

A startup with a new service available through website and mobile app. Based in Paris (GMT+1). Communication can be handled in English, or French. We have many other projects beyond this one :

- iPad versions
- other HTML5 Facebook games
- improvements, speed optimization, etc.

So we are looking to set up a long lasting relationship. A preference will be given to individuals/teams in a timezone not too distant to facilitate communication, but this is not a deal breaker.

Our existing products in beta are http://apps.facebook.com/globetrotfamily/ (opening this week out of closed beta), and www.uponamap.com (and upon a map on the app store).

Looking forward to reading your offer for service.

Skills: facebook, english, games