Facebook Marketers Needed

Facebook Marketers Needed


Job Description

We need highly experienced Facebook marketers to promote products to targeted location usually the United States and other top countries.

You must have adequate knowledge of Facebook fans targeting by location and marketing without any support from us.

Your works include, but not limited to the following:
1. Create attractive Facebook page with attention grabbing image banner above the page.
2. Add fans from USA or any country we specify (no blackhat technique is allowed).
3. User allows Facebook app to become a fan.
4. Interactively engage your fans with minimum of 4 manual updates daily.
5. You will start promoting our website to fans on the page when you have minimum of 10,000 fans (or any considerable number of fans) from our target location usually within the first month or so.

If you have any idea or negotiation you wish to discuss about the project, apply and let's chat on Skype.

Compensation: $200 / month. Bi-weekly payment. No upfront.