Feasability Report & Requirements Document

Feasability Report & Requirements Document


Job Description

I need this urgently...should be 2000-2500 words
My budget is around 10-14$
experienced candidates only

You are required to build an information system to manage work placements"

See the specification for the Build Right School below.

In order to do this you must do the following:

Write a feasibility document of approximately two pages

Write a basic Statement Of Requirements document.

In the appendix of the statement of requirement you are expected to include logical design tools such as:
DataFlowDiagrams (Level 0,1)

Physical Design documentation which should include:

Decision Tables
Flowcharts or pseudo code.

You should evaluate the process and in particular explain how you carried out your investigation.

Back ground

The Build Right School, a school for students wanting to develop their skills in building was formed in the late sixties. The school provides courses in bricklaying, joinery and plumbing. Each subject is known as a discipline. The courses are well thought of in the industry but a major factor in the school's success is that it acts as an agent and provides each student with work experience in a real situation; for each year of their course. When the students graduate, the school will find the graduates their first professional placement. All courses last three years and each year there are twenty places available on each of the three disciplines. The reputation of the school has grown to such an extent that it gets over 2000 applications every year.

Each year the number of applicants grows and this has caused a problem. The main admin is done by two office workers: Jack and Jill.

The Current System

Work Experience

Jack and Jill are responsible for finding work experience placements for the 240 students at the school. They have a card index system with over a thousand contacts in the building industry. They ring these contacts to see if there are placements available and what skills are required. Jack and Jill search through the student files for students with matching skills. When they find suitable students they check their availability. Details and photographs of available students are sent to the contact along with their CVs.

If the contact is interested interviews are arranged. If a student gets the placement then the contract is agreed with the school.

Work experience placements are usually for eight weeks, although extra time is allowed under certain arrangements. It is also not unknown for more than one student to be assigned to the same placement. Some students are still required to attend functional skills lessons 1 day a week and are released for this.

Once a week a process is carried out to match skills to placement requirements. For each placement the student data is searched to find students who have all the required skills. A report is printed showing details of all matching students for each placement.

Skills: design

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