Filemaker Developers - Needed to extend existing Desktop and Mobile Database & Workflows

Filemaker Developers - Needed to extend existing Desktop and Mobile Database & Workflows


Job Description



We are in the midst of developing a customized software solution tailored to the Home/ Commercial Renovation sector; more specifically, the Roofing industry.


As we have developed two unique programs deriving from our Replacement and Repairs divisions, we are looking at centralizing our day to day operations through the use of online tools and frameworks. This software solution will act as a bridge between head office, our customers, and our employees in the field.


We are looking for individuals with a selective familiarity in Home/Commercial Renovations, with a heightened emphasis being placed on the Roofing sector, consisting of an in-depth background in software development utilizing the following languages, frameworks and/or APIs (Application Programmable Interfaces):

- Filemaker 12
- Javascript, dhtmlX or extJS frameworks. HTML 5 and Cascading Style Sheets
- MySQL or a variant of...
- Google Maps API
- iOS Development


As you will be working with a dedicated team, knowledge of any, or all of the above stated languages and frameworks is an asset. We are looking for a dynamic roster with a passion for integration, automation and connectivity.


We are currently looking for the following positions/modules to be worked on in Filemaker
1) User Interface / GUI - to design and manipulate our current layout so that it is easy to use and is consistent.

2) Implement Google Maps, StreetView, Bing Arial View

3) Integrated Calendar Functionality (ability to integrate a multi-user calendar that syncs with CalDAV, Google or Exchange)

4) Dynamic Pictures - Currently we are embedding pictures into Filemaker, and would like the ability to make this dynamic whereby an unlimited amount of pictures could potentially be added without the need to create placeholders for each. (Example: [Add Picture] Button that dynamically creates a new picture field/container)

5) Design a method/function to Track Emails

Potential Candidates:
+ Proficient command of the English Language
+ Portfolio or examples of existing work

Skills: english, design

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