Final edits

Final edits


Job Description

1. When you create an account it takes 12 hours to confirm it, please make it instantly confirmed.

2. On the Home page wall and the Profile wall there is a option that allows for you to upload a link via the, "site" button, please delete this "site" button it is at the top of the Home and Profile walls between Event and Poll.

3. The picture in the top left of the PROFILE PAGE WALL is too small, I want you to make it large like Facebook. Also the picture on the PROFILE WALL is too big, make it smaller like the Profile picture on the Home page wall.

4. When you go to the Profile page, there is a space between the sub tab that has Profile, Info, etc. and the wall, please connect this sub tab and the wall.

5. The margins on the Home page are too wide, I will send you a screenshot of the exact problem (very easy edit).

6. Restore the Google Ads advertisements on the following pages in the SPONSORS boxes.
a) the Dashboard page, box in the bottom right.
b) The Profile Picture page, rectangle below the picture on the right.
c) On the Forums page, square box in the bottom left.
d) On the Events page, rectangle below Upcoming Public Events.
e) On the Groups page, rectangle below Recent Public Groups.
f) Polls page, box on the left.

7. On the News page there is the word News in Blue in the top left, delete that and move the News box up, on the Dashboard page do the same thing, mail page same thing, forums page same thing,

8. Restore the size of the text in the top left of most of the pages, there is Blue text in the top left of most pages, but the text is too small, if you go to the Profile page, you will see the size of the username in the top left, I want all of the pages that have the blue text in the top left to have the same sized font.

9. The PHOTOS page is totally messed up, I want you to fix the layout of it so that it is exactly the same as the Videos page's layout when you first click videos and when you actually click a Video.

10. In INTERNET EXPLORER, when you go to Videos>My Videos>Click an album>Choose Click Here to Add More>it just shows EMPTY instead of offering the Video and Photo uploader, this problem exists for the Videos and Photos pages on Internet Explorer, please fix it. If you want to see what it is supposed to look like go to use Chrome, Firefox, or another browser and you will see that it takes you to the uploader.

11. Login>go to Events>Create Events>and you will see the Submit button to the left I want it below the upload photos box.

12. On the merchandise page there is space between the main tab and the merchandise box I want this space to be removed so that the merchandise is connected to the main tab.

13. Login, go to Dashboard, scroll down to Custom and you will see, "Sites," delete Sites from there. I will send you a picture.

14. Login>Click Dashboard>Delete Contact Importer.

15. When someone goes to our site and highlights text, I want the highlighter to be red like our logo with the text as white instead of blue and white, which is default for all sites. This may help:

16. I want you to add the "HTML scoreboard" block to above the top of the News box on the News page. Also, change the color from blue to red if you can when a league is selected (like NBA, NFL, etc).

17. When you click the Join button in the top right it has a random HTML box at the top, please delete that. Also the search box is too far to the right and it's off on the left also, please fix the alignment like all of the other pages.

18. Click Contact us, and fix the following: "Enter what you see::" to "Enter what you see:"

19. When you watch a video or a look at a photo there is text in the top left and it is wrapping around, but I want you to make it go as long as possible so that it reaches the edge of the buttons on the far right (you will see them if you are signed in).

20. The Uservoice feedback tab in the bottom left isn’t working, please fix it.

The site is made in MySQL, PHP, SFTP and Dolphin by Boonex.

Skills: video

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