Fix the backend for iOS app (php/mysql/json)

Fix the backend for iOS app (php/mysql/json)


Job Description

I need someone to co-ordinate with my iOS developer to make some quick changes for my backend in order to fix some issues we are facing. The backend is completed and is working fine, so this is NOT about building a new backend, but making changes to an existing one. Skills required: php/mysql/json. Some of the work requirements are:

1. Enable push notifications at the backend. My developer has enabled push notifications on the app, but backend needs to be configured.
2. There are some time stamp issues (correct time and format not being passed) that my developer is facing due to some code in the backend, they need to be fixed.
3. There is an issue for "object picture get" for retrieving a picture stored on the backend.
There are other minor things that need may need to be fixed as well for some other issues.
4. Next I need the person to move the backend to a new production server when we decide to roll the app out and refresh the database by deleting all the test entries. Currently the backend is running on a test server.
5. The person should also be willing to provide a 30 day support on a as needed basis after the app is released in case some issues crop up with the backend.
6. This is IMPORTANT - They need to be well versed with iOS app development since they would be co-ordinating with my iOS developer.

This is a small job and I don't anticipate it to take a lot of work. Fixed bids only

Skills: json, test