Fixed Full Time Work WordPress PHP

Fixed Full Time Work WordPress PHP


Job Description

Full time work fixed price every month, rate your hour and price in USD. We do not want ANY agency. We will pay every month fixed price for normal working hours. You need to use ODESK to track the hours even if it fixed price DO NOT APPLY IF YOU WANT HOUR WORK THIS IS FIXED WORKED PER MONTH.


1. You need to be able to work full time with this Daily Thai time, we do NOT want any night workers doing this a extra work. We like to see the work. 10.00-22.00 +7 time.

2. You need a WP TEST & PHP IN ODESK AT LEAST. We are doing Wordpress Child Themes and Wordpress Plug ins. Plus normal PHP and HTML.

3. This is a LONG TERM LEARNING WORK MANY hours i rather higher one for 2 USD than a person for 13 USD from my time here on odesk it will take the same amount of time anyway. We paid over 5000 USD in 1 year.

4. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR A TEAM OR AGENCY!! We only look for people who want from 1.5-3.0 USD.

5. No advance Payment please adjust in ODESK.

6. Your rate is what is your bid for per month if you try to change it when you got the contract we will report it to odesk.

Check the complete list of rules below

Job Description

Our sites are based mainly on Wordpress

You need to be an expert in Wordpress

We Make Plug in for Appthemes and we want to make for Woo as well.


You need to give me advice not the other way around.

I am not sure how many hours but i will have work all the time since me and my friends have over 3000 domains.

Please read and accept these conditions before apply to work, any answer to us should start with "Yes i understand and accept your terms." If not your profile will be report as spam.

1. You must know PHP at least taken one odesk PHP test.
2. You must know about Cpanel and FTP
3. You must have common knowledge about web mastering
4. You must be able to work with some adult.
5. We will not pay to agency swapping workers.
6. You must know how to use SKYPE.
7. You must have a high speed internet.
8. You must have TIME to take the work at normal office hours.
9. You must report to us from odesk daily.
10. You will not charge odesk time when you online chatting with us on SKYPE or do not understand something.
11. We do not pay for research you should KNOW your programming.
12. This is a long term work we only want people that want to have a steady pay check every week.
13. You have been completely honest with you accepting these terms and will be honest to us in the future as well.
14. You agree to not just post your profile without reading this.
15. You agree to ask questions until you understand the work. If you say you understand the work and still do it anyway to make hours you agree to delete those hours.
16. It is a plus if you have your own test server already or know how to create a test server.

You must say "I should not tell lies" when you apply for the work.

Skills: mobile-application-development