FlipBook Development

FlipBook Development


Job Description

Looking for a talented developer to implement an AUTOMATED PDF to FlipBook conversion and delivery solution. We are looking for solution options but some key considerations are as follows:


• Document load performance is critical; document quality tailored to device is preferred.
• Documents should be pre-converted. Real-time conversion on customer open is not required. Solution must automatically convert PDFs to FlipBook format for device.

• The solution must support the following access requirements
• Browser access required.
• Systems / Devices – Window PCs, MAC PCs, Android Phones, iPhones, Android or IOS Tablets
• OS – Windows XP+, MAC OS, Android OS 2+, iOS 4+
• Browsers for all Systems/Devices – Internet Explorer, Chrome Firefox, Safari

• We expect significant access from mobile devices
• We prefer auto-device detection - best viewing experience. If we fail to detect device must leverage general HTML/Javascript approach or provide user ability to choose preferred format - this will require on-screen help guidance (i.e. best format for your device).

• We require conversion and web delivery solution to run in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment - VPS deployment.
• Document usage/access analytics both external (e.g. opens/downloads) and internal (e.g. page views, click-throughs)
• Integration of advertising into FlipBook output. Advertising does not need to be in document but can be embedded in browser.

In addition to your fixed quote we expect you to provide documentation of your RELATED experience/skills. Including a solution proposal and timeline will increase your chance of receiving this job and demonstrate your detailed understanding of the requirements.

Skills: pdf, linux, apache