Flyers Website - Responsive Design

Flyers Website - Responsive Design


Job Description

Project Name: Qdeals

Concept: A simple UI where a user can open the URL and see list of icons of local retail/restaurant companies in Doha. Upon clicking the icon the user will be able to see latest print media off the companies that came out that week or day in the newspaper. The user will also be able to see locations off the business and contact/address etc.

- The site will have a "contact us" form to advertise there flyers
- Registration form to apply for a newsletter.
- Search functionality
- Categories for retailers, restaurants etc etc.
- Business page should have a photo gallery so users can go through flyers, zoom etc etc.
- Business page should have a link to download PDF off the flyer
- Business page should have the ability to share flyers through Facebook & Twitter.

- The design must be RESPONSIVE. Minimum 4 levels of Responsiveness. This is the most critical part of the site. Its a necessity.
- VERY SIMPLE DESIGN and very user friendly

- Wordpress
- have the ability to add categories
- have the ability to add businesses
- Image gallery plugin
- Social Media plugin
- Whatever else your thinks is necessary

- I need Google Analytics setup for the site


Skills: pdf, facebook, design