Form Builder module created for Yii / Bootstrap

Form Builder module created for Yii / Bootstrap


Job Description

I need a module created in Yii, to be added to a website we create which gives a user the ability to make their own forms (similar to reformed_app) for entry and retrieval of data from mysql and mongoDB. The actual forms would be saved in mongoDB in json format for retrieval and display later. Design elements should follow bootstrap. I have purchased reformed_app so this can be used if it will make it faster to develop.

User should be able to:
create field names (stored in mysql as field_id, field_name)
drag and drop form elements onto a layout, and re arrange order, vertically aligned.
save forms in json format in mongoDB, so we can parse them for display on web and mobile
create controller to do the steps below:
allow the form to be tested and save data into mongoDB
allow same form to retrieve data from mongoDB after search on id # (there should only be 1 record, so no need to display search results, just the record found.

I don't need choice of themes, and I don't want html code given to user to play with, so if using reformed_app, then those can be disabled or deleted.

I should be able to test this on your server so I can see it working.

Skills: design, test, json

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