Forum Posters Required

Forum Posters Required


Job Description

You are going to goto
Click on Top Sites (We will tell you what category)
You will look for website that gets the highest traffic.
Look for the forum of the website.
Signup on the forum,
Promote our website link.
You have to ensure that the post that you make on the forum is not spammy.
Try to recommend some good stuff, say its good, and helped you , maybe they should try it. something on that line.

Our website has product reviews.
So you have to post something like this.
" Hey I was looking at this product. It seems like a very good product. (More description of product.) Then you will say that if you want to read more visit LINK.

That is it. Very Simple Task.
They key here is that your post must be very natural.

Skills: english, backlinking, writing