Frame analysis in Mathcad

Frame analysis in Mathcad


Job Description

I need someone to help with developing a spreadsheet in Mathcad that is able to analyze any number of bays and floors. The elements are 2D frame elements (6 degrees of freedom). The support conditions are fixed.
The loadings on the frame are point loads on the structure, uniform distributed loads and temperature loads.
Then, extract the element loads for each element and check against a failure criteria provided. Report whether the element has passed or failed.
No need for iteration in this spreadsheet.

I have a good working knowledge of Mathcad but need assistance in completing several portions of the project, such as: assigning the numbering of the global elements and degrees of freedom, calculating the loads on the structure and compiling the load vector on the structure, and extracting the element loads.

We would work together on this project, an example of stiffness matrix and connectivity matrix is provided, we must follow this structure in solving the project.

Please contact me with any questions.

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