Front End Developer w/ OO JavaScript

Front End Developer w/ OO JavaScript


Job Description

As key members of the team you will be creating visually impressive yet fast code. The main languages are Java and Ruby. You are likely to have complete mastery of JavaScript and while at the same time being eager to learn more about the other languages from our experienced developers. This position is an excellent opportunity to join a young software business with a big mission, exciting uses of technology and plenty of growth ahead.

- 2+ years of object oriented JavaScript front end development
- Experience with either: node.js, backbone.js, mustache.js, handbars.js
- Strong understanding of object oriented concepts, including experience with Java
- Demonstrable interest in user interface design & development

I am looking for flawless english speaking Sr Sr Sr developer to work with me on screenshare teamviewer and VOICE skype to work out my complex coding issues which my own developer can not handle. Issue is about stacking and compressing css and javascript files. I am looking for someone who can work for me around the clock when I need, no project managers. If you are a project manager, do not reply. I am looking for direct conversation with a web developer who knows how to mashup complicated jquery scripts, in rapid time on the spot on teamviewer. This is a long term assignment with a large stream of work for the right employee. I do not need photoshop or dreamweaver. I need complicated JAVASCRIPT conflict bugs worked out to be cross browser portable in a few hours over screenshare.

send me 1 url of your portfolio where i can see your UI code works.

do not send attachment

do not send me to odesk profile
do not give me list of links

i want one link url to your portfolio.

1. we dont work with project managers, only direct dedicated programming resources. if you are not the senior developer/coder at your group, this conversation will end in failure. Have the senior programmer at your company contact me at this skype IM. Our policy is to NOT deal with project managers. Again, our policy is that we NOT communicate with project managers. I hope this is CLEAR.

I am not interested in talking to team lead

Skills: design, english

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