Front End Developer

Front End Developer


Job Description

A great front end developer to cut up and implement layouts from our graphic designer. This
isn't just building static web pages from mock-ups. Our pages display
real-time data via AJAX and involve complex behaviors and animations.
Many of our designs involve implementing custom meters and graph
widgets based on statistical data from our application server. You
must be able to implement these using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

Specific Skills:
Expert level knowledge in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Expert at troubleshooting and building around
cross-browser/cross-platform inconsistencies.
Experience with, but not total reliance on, Javascript libraries and
CSS frameworks (e.g. jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, etc).
Hand code your HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
Make mobile-friendly versions of pages using CSS media queries.
General knowledge of Photoshop.
Good design and UX sense.
Experience with version control software. Preferably git.
Love discovering and applying new technologies and techniques.

Bonus Points:
Experience with compiled CSS systems like Less and Sass.
Experience with NodeJS and the ExpressJS framework.
Experience with backbone.js.
Experience building vector graphic widgets with RaphaelJS or, even
better, your own library.

Skills: make, graphics, troubleshooting

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