Front End Web Developer for euro auto parts company

Front End Web Developer for euro auto parts company


Job Description® delivers the most extensive, accurate, and easy to navigate European automotive catalog in the industry. We carry specialty parts from over 300 manufacturers, and ship each part with care. Above all,® is committed to providing a user friendly online experience. Hence, our need for a Front End Web Developer.

We are looking for an experienced Front End Web Developer with special skills in web development and layout able to assist in the improvement of our main web site at and our mobile interface at This job is NOT for novices. Rather, this job will be the right-hand to our owner, Matt, who also designed the sites. With the right person, this will be a long-term, part-time position with ample opportunity to assist on different phases of eEuropart’s online presence (see below for more details).

---IIS 7.5
---PHP 5+

-Fluent in English
-Excellent in communication
-North America based (U.S. preference)
-Web Coding Experience

**We are looking to start this person as soon as possible so please quickly respond in your CV regarding our questions below:**
• Did you check out our websites?
• Where and in what capacity have you this experience? Examples?
• References?
• When are you able to start?
• And how many hours can you dedicate per week?

Thank you, and we look forward to your applications.

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Responsible for coordinating the design ideas into a production template. Coding that production template and handing off the template to the eEuro team for testing. All HTML, CSS, Javascript must be browser compatible in: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, and IE 7-9.


[Phase 1 – Re-desing of Header, plus Consistent Look and Modern Feel]

1) Re-design will apply to both the main site and the mobile site with similar consistent look.

2) Key goals are to reduce the logo and the shopping cart area in combination with the main navigation menu and vehicle selector. Shorten main header and create better look feel and flow to that area.

[Phase 2 - Portrait v. Landscape in our Mobile App & Mobile Optimization]

1) Fix the issues with our mobile style sheet and markup to allow layout to turn from portrait to landscape mode with full screen width.

2) Apply the 44px rule to all buttons, menus, and inputs on the site:

3) Reduce JavaScript overhead to reduce the initial download and the local browser overhead.

4) Review the site for any other possible improvements that could make mobile browsing faster / more convenient for our customers.


Skills: design, english