Full-Stack Developer (LAMP)

Full-Stack Developer (LAMP)


Job Description

MyClean is a NYC based maid service startup that is growing rapidly and improve it's online service. We're looking for a highly motivated part-time to full-time developer to implement new features, make changes, and administer our site on an ongoing, flexible basis.

You should be highly experienced and comfortable working on a Full-Lamp stack, including: the front and back-end, server & cloud-based web hosting, authorize.net/security (i.e. know how to recognize and prevent XSS vulnerabilities, SQL-Injection, hash & encrypt passwords, PCI compliance, and other security best practices). You're also the type of person that is excited to learn new frameworks to get a job done better and faster, and also has excellent problem-solving skills.

The work atmosphere will be fast-paced and agile, so when you're working on a project with us we'll need you to be highly responsiveness and available on Skype, email, or basecamp. English skills must be excellent. You should expect a minimum of 20 hours of work per week, and sometimes up to 40+ as needed (advance notice will be given). Another key skill is being able to differentiate between critical features and not critical features when approaching the development process.

Our team will work with you to precisely define features UI/UX features in photoshop and communicate clear guidelines on back-end projects that fulfill our needs. There will be a lot of technical knowledge overlap between you and the point of contact on our end, making things easier for everyone, and we may do front-end coding from time to time as well.

This job would be great for someone looking for an amazing, reliable client who will have tons of work for you for the next 3-6 months +. The best part is you will be working with knowledgable tech people, so you'll have a great client that understands how things work and will work smart with you.

Skills: linux, apache, design, agile, english