Full Time Transcription Job

Full Time Transcription Job


Job Description

Hi my name is Geoff, and I am an internet marketing consultant. I am one of oDesks friendliest and best employers, with a 4.95 rating from 167 reviews, and with over $50,000 spent.

I need to hire a FULL TIME transcriptionist to work 40 hours a week transcribing my internet marketing consulting meetings with my clients.

You MUST have experience in business concepts such as customer demographics, market segmentation and other marketing / web technology concepts such as pay per click advertising and search engine optimisation. You MUST know the basics of internet marketing otherwise you will not be able to transcribe accurately.

To qualify for this job you need to do the following COMPULSARY TEST

***** Please visit http://www.typingtest.com/index.html Please do 3 minutes of Aesop’s fables and then TAKE A SCREENSHOT of your results and attach the image so I can see it.

Skills: microsoft-office, administration, marketing, test