Generic YooTheme Warp 6 "Style"

Generic YooTheme Warp 6 "Style"


Job Description

Please review the attached zip file.

Create a YOOTheme Warp 6 "Style" (child theme) from the baseline "Generic_Style" to look like the image called "Generic_Page.png" located in "Generic_Style_Baseline" folder with the png images provided in /generic_style_baseline/generic_style/images.

Do so adhering to YOOTheme's Procedures and Best Practices for creating a new Style. See links.

Do so with "Responsive Web Design", HTML5, CSS3, Best Practices.

Use only %'s and em's, e.g. no px.

Please verbosely "comment" your code in the files.

Please use "background-size: cover"

Please make sure that the footer is sticky to the bottom. This is where my main problem lies.

The blank files included in the "Generic_Style" sub-folders are Just suggestions. Use whatever files you need to accomplish the task. Everything to be accomplished in the "Generic_Style" and not rely on changes to files outside the child theme.

Please do this on your own Warp 6 installation and return a zip of the "Generic_Style".

If you have any questions about the task, please contact me. Thank you for considering the posting.

Skills: design

Open Attachment