Github & Middleman training

Github & Middleman training


Job Description

FOX Soccer has a Tumblr ( that was built by a third party using Middleman and Tumblargh. Those tools were used to simplify development, but the only detail about the tools necessary for this discussion is that I don't know how to use them.

Occasionally, we need to update the codebase. I'm talking simple tasks like changing out a line of html or adding a line of javascript to the site header. If I went to the third party that built the blog, the "project" would be so small, I'm not sure it'd be worth their time.

I really want to learn how to make and deploy the changes myself. I've tried walking myself through the process using the brief documentation provided by the third party. Usually I'm good with that sort of thing, but there's a hurdle I can't seem to jump so far.

This is where I'm hoping you can help.

Can you walk me through and document the steps to use Middleman, Tumblargh, and GitHub? I need to be pointed in the right direction so I can develop locally (again, more "copy/paste" than "develop") and deploy to the test and live environments.

Skills: training, english