Google adsense website required

Google adsense website required


Job Description

I need a simpel website just to post advertisements on it.
It should be very simple: one to two pages max.

- the advertisements (banners in general) should be added dynamically (upload button, php programmed)
- the website should be SEO optimized
- the website should be spam free
- i need to be able to integrate google adsense ads
- I should be able to post some artikels/content on the website
- I should be able to link my posts with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
- I want an event section on my website

I prefer PHP designed website, but the work is very simple.
The budget is limited as well. Max. budget is 100 dollars.

Please let me know, if you are willing to take the job. You can start fast.

Kind regards,


Skills: facebook, twitter, linkedin

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