Graphic designer with a copywriter talent! (Unique chance)

Graphic designer with a copywriter talent! (Unique chance)


Job Description

About the job

Graphic designer with a copywriter talent! (Unique chance)
2013 will soon be upon us, which gives us new challenges! We are currently seeking a talent that wants to work together with our marketing and creating a strong brand. This service requires a good knowledge of the graphic, and a keen sense of texts. This is a unique opportunity for the right person to make a career and develop as you will become an important resource for Marketing. In your new job, you will work closely with him with everything from everyday tasks to strategic meetings and conferences.

You are expected to act professional in design and copywriting issues and examples of work from day one is to create and develop our communication platform (website, banners, newsletters, etc.) and mockups of potential integrations. Furthermore, you are expected to be able to create press releases and keep in our internal and external communications to the management team, employees, customers and partners. You are expected to take strategic decisions on the company's brand identity. The work you produce will be seen and heard at some of Macedonia's largest websites and radio stations. The person we seek must therefore be both a master of design, and have a unique ability to express themselves in long and short texts.

Short inforamtion about the service
• You are a master at producing materials produce material in Adobe CS independently or under orders
• You should have a sense of the language and have a great talent for writing
• You should be able to find new solutions to problems, be creative and like to communicate
• Produce selling newsletters and designing banners from start to finish (Create design and then fill your work with powerful copywriting and coding in HTML)
• Create press releases with a good sense of what the market expects
• To cooperate is essential in the profession. You must be good at working in groups
• You are analytical and have no problem in compiling and presenting the numbers
• To master the new tools such as Apsis or MailChimp

What we expect from you
• Have a passion for work and can show portfolio of previous work
• Has worked at an advertising agency with a relevant education in copywriting and graphics (Ex Bergh)
• Have good HTML and Adobe CS skills
• Have great sense of responsibility, accurate, organized and can meet deadlines.
• Have knowledge of social media
• Have the ability to express themselves in speech and writing, in both Swedish and English.
• Unhindered can express themselves in writing short
• Is easy to learn
• Can create flash banners (meritorious)
• Have an understanding of webkonvertering and A / B Testing (meritorious)
Now we are looking for people who want to make a career, have fun at work and is ready for new challenges. The interviews are ongoing, but for this job today to find out more! Do not forget to attach portfolio of past work.

Skills: marketing, design, newsletters, management, graphics