Gritty Noir Erotica w/ 3D protagonist (adult content required) (2000+ words)

Gritty Noir Erotica w/ 3D protagonist (adult content required) (2000+ words)


Job Description

Would you like, employing a hard-boiled noir-type style of writing, to write the gritty story of a young female protagonist who has not only this voracious sexual appetite, but also this tremendous need to be sheltered in a protective embrace, yet no matter what she does she cannot ever seem to find both in the same person?

Do you perhaps carry this character around in your head? Has she lived there for a while? Do you seek an outlet where you can bring her to life?

This project is for one short story starring your character - we could call it "Introduction" or "Pilot". The story should be 2000+ words.

My idea is that following this story we embark on a series of identical projects where you, through a succession of 2000+ word short stories develop your character until such time as we have on our hands a fully formed and fully rounded three dimensional human being in a format that technically might be called a short anthology or a novellette.

- Simple, hard, straightforward yet at times lyrical prose will certainly be appreciated whereas ornamental and flowery prose will not.
- Intimate knowledge of sketches, vignettes and flash fiction is extremely beneficial.
- Fillers, cliffhangers and other words that serve no purpose are thorns in my eyes.
- Gritty, sarcastic, funny, sardonic, black and bleak humor -- these are all fine elements for this project.
- The word count is an approximation. I am looking for quality, not quantity. If you think in terms of absolute word count please don't apply.

I will be happy to consider a gritty bdsm based story but for that to work you, the author, must have intimate and extensive knowledge of the physical and psychological aspects of bdsm and be able to write about the subject with absolute authority. Note that gritty is not the same as smutty.


I will be happy to consider a protagonist who has one or more pronounced personality disorders.

The paranormal is not an option for this project.

You will be required to create your own author profile on Erotic Aria through which you publish your writings. You can use a pseudonym if you like. Please visit my profile to understand what an Erotic Aria profile looks like and how the Timeline reflects your posts (and other doings later on).

If you are not willing to maintain a profile on Erotic Aria you should not apply to this project.

Erotic Aria is a new site and we are building the foundations for it. We recently went from Alpha to Beta. We expect to remain in public beta throughout 2013. Towards the end of May we aim to take the site gently public.

We absolutely welcome approaches from women who don't have English as their primary language and/or who live in countries and/or cultures that don't adhere to accepted Western standards. However, we require an above average command of the English language and absolute honesty about your country and culture and heritage.

Your sexual text should be explicit, colorful and direct, your descriptions should never be flowery or ornamental, you should always call a spade a spade, and you are of course free to use coarse language and swearwords when called for. But your choice of words should never be vulgar, obscene, degrading, violent, filthy or discusting - in other words, no smut.

Up-front payments are not an option. Payment will issued on the day the story is published on Erotic Aria, following a payment reminder sent by you. Please note that payment reminders are not impolite - on the contrary, the are perfectly normal and simply ensure that you get paid on time.

- Before publication you will submit your story to me for review here on oDesk.
- All writers must adhere to certain guidelines.

Your writings are governed by our Terms of use, which among other things state that Erotic Aria only buys the publishing rights to your works but that the copyright remains yours.

Please submit a sample of the kind of writing you aim to use for this project. If you donĀ“t have a relevant sample I will ask you to produce one, and please understand that I cannot consider applications without sample writings.

Jens Kristjansson
Erotic Aria publisher

Skills: english