High Quality - Icon Design

High Quality - Icon Design


Job Description

Hey guys,

we launch next week our new product information page. On that page we explain all important issues about the product features to the customer.

The current product information page looks very crappy:


The new page will look like first page in attachment.

Have a look onto the sixth paragraph on the new page, called „Folientypen und Eigenschaften“. For that paragraph we need 10 icons/pictograms which describes the different product characteristics of the car skins:

1. UV-resistant
That means that the colors have a sunlight protection, that the colors don’t fade. After years of usage they are still bright and brilliant.

2. Paintable
You can varnish/lacquer our skin. You stick the sticker on your car and afterwards you can lacquer it.

3. car wash proof (Waschanlagenfest)
You can go with your car which has a sticker on it into the car wash without any damage to the sticker.

4. Can be polished (polierbar)
Our stickers can be polished with a polishing machine like the normal car paint.

5. 3D Surface
This means the foil has a real structure like carbon: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2010/173/9/6/Carbon_Foil_by_Hateclaw.jpg

6. Smooth surface
This should demonstrate that the surface of the sticker is the same as the surface of the car paint

7. Thin like the car paint.
This should demonstrate that the sticker is very very thin.

8. Long-lasting for 7 years and more
All our skins last for 7 years and more after sticking it tot he car.

9. Same surface like the car paint
The skin surface has the same surface like the car paint surface. The skin is like a chameleon.

10. Made in Germany
All our skins are produced in Germany.

Requirement of pictograms:
- Self-explanatory
- White
- Glossy effect
- rounded borders
- high quality
- The icons need to be fully scaleable or in a high resolution and should fit into the color scheme of our webshop.

Requirements to the contractor:
- Full understanding what we want to say whit that icons (if there are open question aks when we start the project)
- Creative graphic designer with years of experience
- Very good experience in photoshop
- Know-how in creating pictogramms

Please attach examples of your work (icons/web graphics you created) to your application.

Only applications with perfect examples will be considered for this job.

Thanks for your application.

Skills: design, varnish, graphics

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