High Quality SEO / SEM for Website

High Quality SEO / SEM for Website


Job Description

I need to implement SEO on our web-site.

Candidate should have strong experience in SEO and Wordpress.
Require Good english to be able to understand the content

Important: Also require extensive marketing and Social network marketing experience

Seeking to be on top of google- on first page results for all keywords

Web-site is build with WordPress.
Before you apply, make sure you are fully capable and know exactly what needs to be done!

I expect candidate to work quickly and achieve results quickly

I want only clean, white hat, high quality SEO obviously.
I want high PR back links and related to the content of the site.
-this is an important requirement!

As for the project, I want to do a fixed price. Thus, give me a fixed price quote and time frame on how quickly we could do it.

I will have 24 keywords and will pay
I am expecting to pay $300-400 for the process

Please give me a fixed price quote and how long you estimate it will take to do it.

Here are the keywords (some will be repeated)

*Credit repair
*Credit repair companies
*bad credit
*credit scores
*credit services
*bad credit loans
*bad credit card
*bad credit credit card
*how repair credit
*what is credit repair
*credit repair how to
*improve credit
*credit counseling
*credit help
*improve credit score
*raise credit score

Credit repair fix
Improve credit history
Clear credit

credit repair services
how to fix bad credit
raise my credit score

Skills: marketing, english, counseling