Highly Skilled iOS Developer

Highly Skilled iOS Developer


Job Description

I need a custom mobile app made

Would like someone who is very experienced in coding for iOS to create a feature rich, nice, clean looking mobile app


-Uses similar technology/idea as Google Goggles and Meal Snap
-Scan a Fruit or Vegetable (say outside on the tree, at a grocery store or farmers market) > Snap shot which then leads to...
-Snapshot will generate several characteristics and info

-Someone who can do the UI design
-Someone who has a 5 star rating
-Someone who has at least 300 hours on Odesk
-Someone who takes pride in their work and makes clean/polished products
-Must speak English well
-Must be a good/clear communicator

Please rely with examples of your previous work including any user interface or design examples you have done before. I will reply and give more details of the project.

**PLEASE: when you reply start by typing: Heirloom Tomato

This way I know you took the time to read the whole description

Thank you,


Objective C, C Programming, Cocoa, iPhone, Corona

Skills: design, english, typing