I need my current website updated

I need my current website updated


Job Description

Dear Web designer,

I currently have a website www.naturalconfidence.co.uk

I am looking for an expert in web design and word press and the associated plugging, which I have listed, below clearly. Its important we can communicate clearly in English by phone skype email. please any more suggestions that you feel are missing or relevant, this will really inspire me to hire you.

My Website has these definite faults and more

Parts of website are in Flash. It should not because I want to make my site SEO friendly.

All the pages on my site have the same title tag, which is very bad from SEO point of view

No social media integration. The layout does not look professional and it is all a bit square and linear

I want a new wordpress website so I can update the content – l want Good Visual Design Thoughtful User Interface Primary Navigation Above The Fold

I want to change the pictures the youtube videos, add events and a blog regular myself.
Also links - like follow me on twitter google + facebook and other share links.

I want it designed for optimal SEO . This is important as I want to improve my ranking on google Key words are really important .and reciprocal links will be too.

I am also looking for competitive rates so do not apply if you’re really expensive.
My pugins are basic so expect them to be free.

1) Search Engine Optimization (CMS), 1. Title Tag 2. Meta Tags 3. Proper Use of Heading Tags 4. Alt Attributes on Images 5. Title Attributes on Links 6. XML Sitemap 7. WP DB Backup

2.Part of having an easy to navigate web site is ensuring that the primary means of navigation — links to the key areas of my site — are kept above the fold. With today’s large computer monitors and growing screen resolutions “above the fold” is generally considered to be within the top 500-600 pixels of your site design.

3. I think a floating social bar to my website that stays with the user as they browse your content, to remind them to become fans of my page. also in the footer of your website.

4.Contact Information lead generation form.

5. Sign-Up / Subscribe I want my web site to have a blog and make it as easy as possible for people to sign up and allow people to post comments and updates to my blog so I want FEED BURNER

6. Valid XHTML / CSS I want accurate code. These sources code this need s to be checked by a validation service which I will want you to do? You should aim for a 100% valid website.

7. Cross Browser Compatibility display well in as many of the mainstream web browsers as possible.

8. Web Optimized Images
When designing for the screen you’ll want to save my images at 72dpi, which will make for a much smaller file size (aka quicker download time for your web visitors).

9. Responsive website to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading for Android and iOs smart phones tablets.

10. Site map

11. Once you’ve installed WordPress, there are a few things that absolutely must be taken care. Two of these items are already included with WordPress – you just need to configure them. Permalinks Although not a plug-in, this is one of the first items that should be setup in WordPress. Permalinks give your blog posts and pages a “pretty” url. Something like yoursite.com/category/post-name/ as opposed to yoursite.com/p=?1234 – not only is this easier on the eyes, but it is SEO friendly since it incorporates keywords into your URL.

12. Permalink Redirect
Related to Permalinks, is the Permalink Redirect plugin. This one doesn’t come with WordPress, however they go hand-in-hand together. This plugin takes the basic Permalink settings a step further by ensuring that there are no excess characters in your URL – in the event there are excess variables, Permalink Redirect sends users to the correct URL.

13. Akismet is a “smart” spam filter, in that it is able to learn what should or should not be considered spam.

14. Google XML Sitemaps Many search engines – in particular Google, Yahoo!, MSN and Ask.com – utilize specially formatted XML Sitemaps in order to properly index all of the pages on your web site.

15. WP DB Backup is the WP DB Backup plugin, which can backup my entire MySQL database -install WordPress Database Backup, which

16 Google analytics.

17. My website should work with JavaScript turned off. Users often have JavaScript turned off for security, so I and you should prepare for this.

18. Crawl / Stimulation to avoid broken links, missing titles, improper redirects, and perhaps other problems such as files blocked by robots.txt, etc that may hinder your progress. There are several free tools to help with this, such as Xenu and GSiteCrawler.

I look forward to talking to you to discuss..

Payment method (paypal) will be Milestone so I will pay amounts along the way.

Thank you
Skype id amused11

Skills: design, youtube, twitter, facebook, paypal, english