IT, Cornell-Mayo, Ruby on Rails, POS - Point of Sale

IT, Cornell-Mayo, Ruby on Rails, POS - Point of Sale


Job Description

IT, Cornell-Mayo, Ruby on Rails. Point of Sale System.

1) 1) We have determined that we can’t use the “stand alone” units since they don’t integrate into the department stores sales audit or inventory processes.

2) 2)We have determined that we can’t use the department store's POS in the near term since this would require significant re-coding of the POS software and the addition of a payment type to the store sales audit system – as a reminder I noted that this could not be an IT project until at least 2013 and even then would require approval and prioritization by the IT steering committee and the development of a complete business plan and ROI (which I believe we decided we really couldn’t do without a pilot).

3) We have most recently explored using the store's layaway system to circumvent some of these issues and determined that this will not work either as certain inventory issues (amongst other issues) cannot be resolved for this model.

Below is the initial proposed solution:

Proposed Business Process - Agile approach for fastest user adoption

1. Consumer brings product(s) to counter for purchase

2. They are unable to pay the full amount at time of purchase

3. Sales Register user directs them to literature about the Check(Take Away offer) program

4. Customer express interest and meets minimum qualification requirements

5. Sales Register user discloses terms and conditions (can be printed or call screening)

6. Customer accepts terms

7. Customer writes a check for full amount

8. Sales Register user processes check and transaction in 'NEW Terminal'

9. A receipt is printed with a Bar Code for the product SKU or a Card is loaded with the funded amount (Only useable at that store/location)

10. Sales Register User scans receipt or Swipes card as Payment for the product(s). This will update the stores IMS (inventory management system) and finalize the sale.

11. A settlement report is run as needed (daily/nightly/hourly) to correlate products sold under new payment method

By implementing the system above, we can setup a 'Pilot program' with a few locations to 'fine-tune' the process. For a successful implementation, we would need to design the following materials;


1. How to setup the unit - A flyer that is included with the Check scanner to simplify setup

2. How to use the unit - A flyer and Mgr/user manual (Depending on features, i.e. Loading a Store card)

3. How to generate/read settlement reports - Self explanatory

Their POS hardware is NCR. Software is Cornell Mayo Associate's Omnistore, but is highly customized.

Scott Consumer Lender

Skills: agile, management, design