In need of several forum ranks (title) images.

In need of several forum ranks (title) images.


Job Description

I have a new forum getting started up and I would really like some custom ranks for a few member types. The forum is centrally based on the online gaming community (specifically a Battlefield 3 clan). I have a few member types that would require some sort of rank to identify them.


Iron Wolf I
Iron Wolf II
Iron Wolf III

A nice font to use would be one that is somewhat "squared off". I like the stereotypical typewriter fonts best.

Each forum rank needs to be on a horizontal bullet and the *BANNED* image should have the bullet head removed with just the empty shell casing. The bullet shouldn't need to be any more than 100px wide. An alternative could be a rectangular iron plate with the rank on it and rivets around the edges.

Please watermark and post all submissions in your application. I'll pick the one I like and pay for the un-watermarked images.

Thank you to all applicants.

Skills: drawing