InfusionSoft Account Management

InfusionSoft Account Management


Job Description


I run 5 businesses out of my InfusionSoft account, and 2 of them use 3rd party plugins such as iMember360, iTracker360, InfusedWoo, AutomationCore etc...

Primarily this contract is to do ongoing management task on the account including:

1. Adding Google Tracking Custom Fields to Forms
2. Migrating Legacy systems to Campaign Builder
3. Cleaning up Tags, Sequences, Forms, Action Sets etc.
4. Segmenting Lists (Tagging Contacts)
5. Importing and Syncing other ESPs
6. Reporting, generating reports

I am looking for an experience InfusionSoft worker, not someone who has used it once or twice before and thinks they can get around the app. You must be able to do most standard activities without wondering how, and to know where to get answers if and when you need to do something you don't know how to.

Skills: CRM, Wordpress,, iMember360,, InfusionSoft,

Skills: infusionsoft, customer-relations

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