Install phpfox and Make a web page

Install phpfox and Make a web page


Job Description

You Must Have Phpfox experience if you dont know what phpfox is then you probably don't have experience not php experience phpfox experience a big difference. Phpfrox is a web content management. Go to before applying to make sure you understand

First i need someone to install phpfox to my website.

I am looking for someone to develop me a homepage with sub menues for my website. what i am looking for is about 16 to 20 boxes or chanells on the homepage for a member can watch videos.. where once logged in a member can select a particular channell and watch that video. for example; you select the pastor's page then you have a choice of sub menues (love, prosperity, family and etc) and this would be considered one box or chanell and i want about 16 to 20 boxes. all im looking for is the homepage template where i can load up all the videos myself. And the channels can look something like these link s

As for the installing phpfox. i have it downloaded allready but when the contractor downloaded it he used his email and password so i dont have administrative acess. I need to see if it can be retrived without reinstalling it or should i reinstall it. either way this is part of the project. I am looking for private contractors who will be doing this job their self .