Integrate websites for $$$

Integrate websites for $$$


Job Description

We have developed a new mobile marketing format which we'd like to integrate with as many relevant ONLINE websites. To view what the marketing tool looks like please go with your mobile device (must be iOS or Android device) to

The new marketing tool basically detects certain mobile users by their OS, Device, Country etc, and displays and Alert/Popup with a relevant offer that is attractive to those users. It is the perfect way for website owners / webmasters to start monetizing their mobile traffic, All the needs to be done is integrate 1 line of script code anywhere on the publisher/affiliate/webmaster's website and that's it.

The sort of websites we're looking for to integrate with:
1. Any website that offers an action that's not possible on mobile device (downloading software etc)
1.1 torrent sites
1.2 PC/MAC software download
1.3 Sites without any mobile-friendly website
1.4 Gaming / Entertainment websites
1.5 Adult sites
1.6 Streaming video sites
1.7 any other vertical needs to be pre-approved

The Actions that need to be done in order to qualify as a Lead,

1. Search / Find relevant website
2. Look for contact details - email or contact form
3. Send relevant recruitment email and presentation
4. Integrate dedicated javascript code to website (code will be supplied by me)
5. Generate over 500 impressions total generated by that website.
6. Receive payment for that integration.

Code to be integrated is

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

* member={member} must be changed with relevant unique publisher ID.

Payment model:
Payment of $X will be made per unique integration, upon that integration reach 500 impressions minimum. Reports will be supplied for your relevant integrated publishers weekly through email containing excel format report.

Budget is per integration is $5-$10, pending on website.

Skills: marketing, gaming, video