Internet Engineer/Web Developer @ OrangeCountyStartUp.

Internet Engineer/Web Developer @ OrangeCountyStartUp.


Job Description

An Orange County (California) Start-Up Team, which includes members working overseas, is working around the clock on a novel project. The team is currently searching for an experienced mid-level developer to spend 40 hours a week to review and improve the current code. You need to be equal or better in terms of skills compared to the current team members.


(1) Must complete a skills test,
(2) Must pass 7-day non-paid probation period,
(3) 4-year college graduate, with degree in computing-related field,
(4) At least 1-2 years of real-world experience (start-up experience a plus),
(5) Moderate-expert knowledge of: JS, jQuery, Linux, Apache, mySQL, object-oriented PHP, Zend Framework, and Memcached,
(6) An intuitive sense of UI/UX design

Compensation: Competitive.

Note: There is 1 opening only, selection is via a very competitive process. This is not an internship/learning position.

How to apply:
(1) Submit resume. All links must be accessible. No broken links.
(2) Submit work samples.

Skills: test, linux, apache, design