JQuery/CSS/Wordpress Expert - LightBox On Page Load

JQuery/CSS/Wordpress Expert - LightBox On Page Load


Job Description

I have a fully operational website that has traffic. I need someone who is skilled in jquery, css and wordpress who can quickly (at night) make an adjustment to the site.

I have a particular page on the site I want to invoke a lightbox when the page loads. it must be a lightbox called with ajax (ie with a specified url) - not an iframe based lightbox.

See http://www.jacklmoore.com/colorbox/example1/ "Outside HTML (Ajax)" for an example. I need this implemented to show a url in a 500x500 lightbox when a specific page load is loaded on my site.

The site is presently using SuperFish for navi. I do not know if this will cause problems (it has been suggested to me that it might). If so, I have no problem (and much prefer) removing SuperFish completely. The navi is simple as is (see attached SS). I am positive it can be replicated in pure CSS easily as I use the same style navi on other sites that do not use SuperFish.

Must have at least 4 stars to be considered for this job.

Must be available via skype.

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