Java/Python Developer

Java/Python Developer


Job Description

Experienced Java/Python Developer

**Please note that we are only looking for native English speakers that can work at least 3-4 hours daily during 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday-Friday**

oDesk Professional Services is seeking an experienced developer with solid Java and Python experience to play an integral role and help to create new and innovative systems that will generate revenue for oDesk and our customers.

We require someone who is fluent in Python and Java in order to convert Python prototypes to maintainable, scalable and robust Java applications.

J2EE frameworks are not utilized in our environment and, as such, we are not seeking skills in those areas. Instead, we rely on Jersey and thread-safe core Java code.

All of our systems are in the cloud, therefore, we prefer someone with experience with AWS, Google App Engine, etc.

Initially, the job will consist of porting one or more projects into Java platform that will become the standard platform for these projects.

We prefer developers that practice test or behavior driven development practices, use tools like maven, JUnit, and cruisecontrol. (If you would describe yourself as test infected, or if you can't live without JUnit, maven, and cruisecontrol (or equivalents), than I am talking about you.)

Our need is immediate. We always start with one or two small projects to ensure that this is a good fit. Based on the results of these small projects, we hire well qualified candidates for long term engagements. Success in this job could lead to full-time employment implementing and maintaining systems that include machine learning, predictive analytics, and other more exciting technologies.

Solid and demonstrable Java and Python knowledge
Strong, demonstrable expertise with AWS, Google App Engine, etc.
Experience with JUnit, Maven, continuous integration, or equivalent
Able to effectively communicate in English
Able to read\write design documents in English

** Please answer these questions in your application: **

In Java, when do you use different design patterns, what are the strengths and weaknesses of various models, how do you balance scalability, reliability and responsiveness?

Tell us about your level of expertise in Python. Give us examples of what you have done with it, what obstacles you encountered and how you overcame them.

Have you ported projects into Java previously? Please explain the project and the outcome.

Skills: english

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