Javascript Expert for Refactoring Project

Javascript Expert for Refactoring Project


Job Description

We're refactoring our profiling and assessment software and are seeking an experienced software developer with excellent experience in JS, preference for Sencha ExtJS 4, but we're open to your having experience in any other JS framework.

If you're a good JS developer with strong knowledge of ExtJS 4 MVC architecture, we can keep you busy on this interesting project for several months, working 20-40 hours pw, with the possibility of a full time long term role.

Please rate your skills on a scale of 1 to 10 for our most important requirements:
- ExtJS or other framework
- Javascript

Please rate your skills on a scale of 1 to 10 for our 'nice to haves':

Make mention if you have knowledge of AngularJS, NodeJS, Symfony2 and Doctrine2, as these are a plus you could get involved in on another of our exciting projects.

While we apply Agile values and use Kanban, our company values are

Your English level and ability to understand others and make yourself understood to team members is important.

We have a strong preference for working directly with freelancers rather than companies/agencies due to our limited budget. We're open to either working / paying on a project basis or full time.

If you have a profile on another job site that shows client feedback, then please share a link/profile name.

We are not considering candidates from India or Pakistan, unless you are a VERY strong programmer.
We have an experienced Ukrainian development team of three, plus two QA's in Argentina, a part-time Lead Developer in Italy and a PM in Argentina.

If we're interested in your application, we'll be asking you to provide sample code of JS, HTML & CSS which show your best abilities as a programmer - so you may wish to provide these as an attachment or a link to a repository in your application to speed things up.

To apply, start your response with "My resume is attached", and of course remember to attach your resume/CV.

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