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Job Management


Job Description

I own a cleaning company and need someone to code an interface and back-end system to track customers, individual jobs, workers, etc. This will be hosted online so it will need to be very secure. I will also need to have different permissions based on the type of user in the system. I can supply you with a full need but it will include at the very least:

1) SQL database with multiple tables and relationships
2) CRUD type system for managing tables
3) Front-end/dashboard with key pieces of information (unassigned jobs, jobs today, total revenues for the period, payment to employees etc). These will all be based off the database.

Now, I think that most of this has already been coded either in CRUD, Sugar/Zoho, etc. I don't want to reinvent the wheel with this one. When responding, please indicate:
1) your recommendation for approaching this project
2) if this project exists in an online cloud app
3) Why your prior experience makes you the appropriate candidate
4) # of hours necessary
5) your bid

Outlandish bids will be thrown out. So will applications that do not address all 5 points.

Skills: management